Devoting to what?

I’m one of those folks who absolutely loves the idea of doing devotions.  I get all excited about planning to spend x minutes every morning to just take a break and chat with and listen to God.  Love the idea.  Hate that I still can’t do them well.  Oh, I’ll start for a day or two, but after that, it’s a coin toss.  A very unfair coin toss, that heavily favors against me taking those few minutes.

5 minutes ago, instead of thinking, “I should do a devotion,” I thought, “I should go online and read some manga.”  I’m not quite a hopeless addict, but close.  No updated stories, so I went to an old site that I love about polyphasic sleep cycles.  Puredoxyk is amazingly knowlegeable about them, but also keeps some faiths that I’m always interested in reading about.  I like to read from the most recent posts, which are often not the least bit about sleep, but something in my mind likes that bit of random reason to my ryhme.  Today I was reading about Tibetan prayers and evidence for the spirituality (NB she does not believe in a God).  It was well written, as usual, and aside from being pretty enjoyable – I want to meet this Sabbath myself – it got me thinking.  And my mind wandered back to the idea of devotions.  And wondering why I have such a hard time posting, getting ready on time, chatting with God, and devotions.  Not that they’re all related, but that they all went through my head.


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