First dinner

DSC03549 So I got a yob.  Nothing phenomenal, but a decent one.  Preparing a nutrition dinner and packed lunch for a nice couple.  16 hours over 4 nights a week.  & I’m hijacking this blog to keep track of it.  So here’s my first offering to them:

Mediterranean.  Butternut squash soup with a slew of veggies (even kale) and  a bit of bacon.  Chop Greek Salad, or green beans and tomatoes with homemade dressing.  Thin crust pizza.

Just about killed myself trying to come up with multiple menus for them to choose.  They liked it.  They’re even letting me come back another time.

Hallelujah, thine the glory.

What a couple, what a kitchen, & what an adventure.


Eventually, I’ll even post caloric values,  maybe recipes if I’m feeling particularly spritely. 


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