The Need to Compost


Isn’t it a pretty dream? Complete with Dog & someone else to do all the work? Too bad it’s not my yard yet…

So now that I’m domesticating, and have a tad more control over my space, there’s going to be stuff growing.  And a clean house.  And some wood floor installations, kitchen redesigns, attic room creation, canning, and, and, and… Well, maybe I’m a bit ahead of myself.  But there will be stuff growing. 

We’ve got 16 packets of seeds already , plus all the random seeds we’ve collected from fruits and veggies.  And a crazy yard/s.  And lots of composting materials.  And snow waiting to melt.  So I figure it’s time to get the compost going & quit “just” collecting.

Here’s my thought: We have a half full bin of food material, LOTS of extra leaves, and odd spaces all around the house.  Plus a neighbor/lover who’s got her own rocking compost pile.  …which I may just ask to be a part of… *makes a note to ask about that*… But I’m currently smitten with the idea of building one of these”:

A Cool DIY Compost Bin with building directions Here (The picture at the top is of this)

Or Picking one of These, though I haven’t clicked around too much yet.

And of course, there’s all the links for advice and info and learning, that I’m in need of too:, This Wise Bread Primer for lazy composting, and perhaps some info from the Four Season Farm who manages to grow year round in Maine. Passively.  Respect.


2 responses to “The Need to Compost

  1. That’s pretty nifty looking! I love how you can see through the side. I wonder why it’s divided into 3 sections?

    • Isn’t it! If you go to the link with more pictures, there’s even a hand-lettered phrase “A rind is a terrible thing to waste.”
      & the dividers are so you can fill up one section real well & start on another while the first finishes breaking down. It lets you have 3 stages of compost going & can hold a massive of material. For those interested in vermicomposting (worms) it’s even better.

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