Make 3 Salad Dressings

Wouldn't it be awesome to have these in your fridge?

That’s what was requested for work yesterday.  Three dressings to be delivered to a friend who’s in the hospital.  A very sweet request, but a tad vague.

So I made the first two dressings that came to mind.  A basil balsamic vinegrette & a citrusy gingered oriental(ish) dressing.  Typical weekday dressings. They’re asked for all the time at work, because they’re bold, extra vinegary and relatively low in oil.

But what about that third?  I had to sneak around the fridge for inspiriation. There was pesto!!  Oh, the poor thing, languishing in the back, it really wanted to be enjoyed.  So a quick search later popped up a post about a creamy pesto dressing and we had a winner.  Expect that there was no mayo & I’m still not sold on the taste of Miracle Whip in salad dressings.  And  I only had a little sour cream left.  Well, there went the exact recipe, but 1 part pesto, 2 parts sour cream, 3 parts parmesan & 6 parts buttermilk made a tasty variation.  Just remember to always test a dressing by dipping in a piece of lettuce.  I’ve made some amazing dressings that weren’t that great when they met the salad.  Lessons learned.

PS Anybody know why my homemade buttermilk is so sharp tasting?  I only like it cooked with flour so far & didn’t dare use it in a dressing (regarding the flour: think cakes, biscuits, & bread pudding).  Had  to use store-bought for this…

PSS Macaroni goulash uses porportions around 9 pounds hamburger, 4 onions, 2 celery heads, 2 bottles tomato juice, lots of A-1 & worshestershire & a subtle bit of celery salt.  Oh, and 2-3 pounds macaroni shells.  Not 6.  Baked 30min.  Tonight I get to use the extra 3-4 pounds shells that is left over when you cook  all six pounds…  And I’m feeding 2 people.  Hooray for freezer casseroles! Oh, and the extra 4 chopped onions freeze beautifully for quicker prep throughout the week…


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