Behind JahTeo

Cruising down the highway…

Wow. You really clicked the little button. I’m touched, so I suppose I just might share a wee bit more stuff, just a bit.  Like most people call me Josh.  Though there are lots that have found other names for me…

I am a functioning bibliophile, a capoeira addict, a food addict, addicted to sweets and chocolate, and a christian. Yes, they all go together, and that’s only the beginning. Right now I live between Reno, NV where I’m an undergrad, and Ridgecrest, Ca where my family’s trying to survive the heat. I may have met you, but if you never knew me well, you’d say I was oddly quiet without being antisocial. Then you’d meet my friends and everyone would laugh because there is no such thing as a quiet person, just people who take longer to get loud. And they’d try to convince you that I’m about as latino as I look, not as I sound.

I mentioned that I love books, but I have to admit that I’m also afraid of them. It’s just that a good book is so darn dangerous that I’m always leary of opening it because I’m never sure when I’ll be able to set it down. And reading till 3am is not pleasant the next day of classes. Not that that’s my only problem is books. For the last couple years, I’ve been finding myself mysteriously immersed in capoeira half the day. If you don’t know what it is, either google it or check out some of the numerous posts I’m sure to write eventually. If you do know, and wanna play somewhere near me, why haven’t you bombarded this site with demands of rodas and lessons? Shame on you! In regards to food, I love everything, but Latino and Oriental foods hold special places in my heart and tastebuds. Some food adventure’s will probably be in order, because I just love to cook whatever and whenever possible. Oh, and for those of you that don’t know yet, sweets absolutely must include scrumptious fruits and southern tea, and chocolate mixes amazingly with more than just milk.

The final essence of me that I listed is a christian. Yes, that little bad word that lets you know just how much of a hypocrite I am and how you’d better not even mention any other gods or mine’ll smite you. As if. What it really means is that I’m like you in many ways, but I think I’ve found truth in the love and hope of Jesus. I saw what he could do for my family, but I haven’t been blind about the things that are done in his name. Yeah, I may think you’re wrong about your beliefs, but I promise I’ll respect them because I may think you’re just as wrong about not going barefoot, but I’m not gonna like you any less for it. Or begin the next crusade – I’ll try to behave. Though I might like you more if you make me think and sweat about my beliefs and opinions, especially if you can do it a nice smile, genuine concern, and subtle words. I like the subtle words, fyi. Heck, I like the word subtle, it’s just so seductive sounding and spelled: subtle. Which reminds me to warn you about tangents. I like tangents, good tasting ones and ones that you’re not sure where they’re going but you know they’re gonna come to some destination (or so we hope); tangents rock almost as much as random semicolons. Maybe it’s time to end this. Yeah, I think so too. See ya around!


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