week of 7/18

7/18 – Sunday

Dinner: grilled halibut with fresh tomato salsa, grilled polenta & veggies from fridge. Butter lettuce & spinach salad with simple vinaigrette & fruit.  Lemon pound cake & nectarine compote for dessert.


Lunch: Chicken cutlet with wax beans, chickpeas and a spinach salad

(pg 23, Food EveryDay, july/august ed)

7/19 – Monday

Dinner for 6. Smokey elk meatloaf, Potato au gratin, spring salad

Lunch. Korean beef stir-fry with brown rice & sesame asparagus. has bean sprouts & spinach.



7/20 – Tuesday

Dinner. Feast, arrive 4:30, stay late.  Grill & clean up.?

Lunch. ??? am I preparing a lunch this night?

7/21 – Wednesday

Dinner, Halibut with herbs & capers, golden beets, mixed wild rice, salad


Lunch: Lemony sugar snap peas and chicken with sweet potato


7/22 – Thursday

Dinner: Grilled elk, with Beet,potato&walnut salad, stuffed tomatoes

Lunch: tuna salad, plus ________

7/23 – Friday

Dinner: grilled blackened chicken, quick black-eyed peas with tomatoes, romaine salad, (pg 108, Food Everyday)

Lunch: creamy hamburger noodle casserole


7/24 – Saturday

Dinner:  Steak and egg salad, plus a green bean salad with roasted potatoes and bacon. (pg25 & 87)

Lunch: juicy, herb roasted chicken thighs, with pear and red onion gratin



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