Week of 7/26

7/26 – Monday

Dinner  Dijon Pork Chops, orange mashed potatoes, roasted cauliflower

Lunch.  Snow Peas and beef salad

97, Taste of Home

7/27 – Tuesday

Dinner:  Roasted Herb Chicken, asparagus, carrots and rice.  Served with a side salad.

Lunch:  Italian Tortellini Salad

7/28 – Wednesday

Dinner:  Grilled elk with baked potato, and a fennel, beet and orange salad.


Lunch:  Marinated Chicken kebabs and corn salad

Everyday Food, 46

7/29 – Thursday

Dinner: Eggplant Lasagna, Side salad & Garlic bread


7/30 – Friday

Dinner:   Halibut enchiladas.  Jicama salad with lime juice and fresh mint.

Lunch:  Stuffed pasta shells & Italian vegetables

7/31 – Saturday

Dinner:   Coriander and oregano brined pork loin, pouch grilled potatoes and garlic, and a creamy cilantro-lime slaw

Food everyday, July/Aug, 2010, pg 106-7



Alt Meal for anytime

Dinner:   Avocado Summer Rolls with a spicy hoisin dipping sauce,  soba noodles with grilled shrimp

Everyday Food, pg 64 & 74



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