06/13 Sunday Pizza & a Salad

Dinner: Pizza four ways

2 on 5-min-a-day master dough,

-meat lovers: pepperoni, cajun pork anduille sausage, olives, jalapenos & italian cheese

-veggie: green bell, mushrooms, olives, ricotta & italian cheese

2 on apartment therapy’s thin crust

-meat lovers: like above, swap mushrooms for jalapenos & add the ethic spice mix

-Hawaiian: sliced ham, tinned pineapple, lots of parmesan, some mozzarella, my personal fav.

Why don’t we have pizza more often? 

I need to stop eating, I’m too full.

Jalapenos for Mr Chuck and Mr Mike.

Ms Rosemary is the week’s guest, loved it.

Don’t know which crust they preferred…

Need to prep more pickles.

Dessert: fruit bowl with leftover orange, apple, and fresh santa claus melon.  A very good one that they liked.


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