05/27/10 – Asian crockpot stew & special home cooking

Dinner: Asian touched stew.  1 massive elk chuck, plus a  few sweet, regular and red potatoes, some carrots, onion, 3/4 a bok choy, and 5 –7 hours low on a crock pot.  3-4 hours in, I seasoned it with chinese 5-spice, a bit of dark agave, some mandatory salt, beef boulloins, and gochujaru flakes and let it finish.  Very pleased with the result.  Even the roommate like it.  The family didn’t saw much a bout it, the guest (super petite Ms Jan) loves everything I feex it seems.  Dropped off the meal, started som basic brown rice (plus onion & stock), and did a quick fruit bowl using the last of the canteloupe, some strawberries, grapes, apples and mint.

Lunch: Chipotle thyme porkchops served atop carrot mashed potatoes & steamed thyme carrots.  Ms Jan LOVED the potatoes.  Just switch out a potato for a carrot, let it all boil together, and mash like usual.  Plus lowfat yogurt or sourcream, some of the water from boiling & some parsley from somebody’s garden.  I liked the porkchops, but they did come out a bit spicy.  Let them tenderize in the vacuum tumbler for 12 minutes and forgot to pull ‘em out…  Chops were broiled for 6 min one side, 3 the other, I think.

lunch was actually fixed the day before, but they were going out for lunch today, so it’s going to be used for tomorrow & I’ll count it here as todays.  Bwahahaha.


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